Lane, an ex-ember of a cult called the Exclusive Brethren, attempts to re-unite with his estranged family who ex-communicated him from the cult when he was 18 years old. On his journey of absolute horrific nostalgia through his own psyche, he meets other ex-members, infiltrates Brethren churches, and tries to escape his pain through alcohol-fuelled benders.

This is the first feature length documentary about this exclusive cult. Their wealth, power, and ultra-secrecy suppress much of the information that leaks to the media. It is the first of its kind. As the trip progresses, Lane reaches deep into his psyche to share emotional and often dark episodes of his childhood growing up as part of The Exclusive Brethren. He also visits other ex-members, like himself, who escaped the Exclusive Brethren at young ages and have given him strength and hope through their intimate stories.